Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Supernatural" Montage Mini-Series: Vol.2

"To everything, there is a season." - Castiel

Volume One: HERE

Sometime in the fall of 2008, back when I only did montages on a very sporadic basis and there wasn't much consistency between the way I did them, I created a montage for Dean Winchester using the Johnny Cash cover of Depeche Mode's song "Personal Jesus". My favorite character of the TV show, Sam Winchester, was followed soon afterwards with a montage set to the tune of my favorite Staind song "Mudshovel".

But back then, I was still new to the format of blog montages - the format which I'd created not too long before those two montages were originally posted - and it would be almost an entire year before I came up with an idea which would effect myself and this very blog ever since then: To do a montage for each individual character, and to wrap up the whole series with a montage featuring all of the characters' storylines converging into one big superstory.

I re-started the series with a montage for the brothers' dad, John Winchester, and not too long afterwards, one of my very best montages followed his within the week: It was Nine Inch Nails' brooding "Everyday Is Exactly The Same," and it detailed the badass character of Castiel.

By the time I was done with the first volume, the night before the fifth season's premiere, I'd created thirteen new "Supernatural" montages to accompany the original two that featured the series' main protagonists: Sam and Dean Winchester.

The first volume was my first real success, montage-wise, and because Supernatural is well-known to be my most favorite work of fiction in general, and because I didn't really feel as if the montage series should've ended there: I announced that I'd be creating a second volume throughout the course of the 2009/2010 winter season, while the show's incredible fifth season aired.

By the time I'd finished the second volume, on May 13th - the day of the fifth season's finale - the complete "Supernatural" series had well over forty installments to it, making it the largest montage series I've ever created.

And as of right now, I'm working on a crossover mini-series between Supernatural and a group of other shows. But, back to the point, this is the second volume and I'm proud to have created it....

Mary Winchester: Fix You

War, The Horseman of The Apocalypse: The Day The World Went Away

Archangel Raphael: Wish

Meg: Last

Archangel Gabriel: Wind Up

Chuck Shurley: An End Has A Start

Zachariah: Happiness In Slavery

Lilith: Juke Joint Jezebel

Rufus Turner: Silver & Gold

Jessica Moore: All I Want Is You

Azazel (Yellow Eyes): Yellow

Pamela Barnes: Politik

Casey: Physical (You're So)

Famine, The Horseman of The Apocalypse: Lost!

Missouri Mosely: We Never Change

Ash: 42

Madison Owens: My Immortal

Alastair, the Head Torturer of Hell: How Does It Feel?

Joshua, God's Confidant: Life Is For Living

Lisa Breadon: Love Is Blindness

Crowley, The King of The Crossroads: October (Redux)

Pestilence, The Horseman of The Apocalypse: Echoplex

Death, The Horseman of The Apocalypse: The Man Comes Around

Lucifer: Hells Bells

The Impala: Heartland

How It All Came To Be: Don't Panic (Redux)

Complete Series Concluder: Carry On Wayward Son / Fight The Good Fight

* Bonus: Heroes

Non Timebo Mala....

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