Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Time, I'm a Thief.

"Hatred is the madness of the heart." - Lord Byron

So, today, I woke up a bit late, finished up on the work that I was doing on the Grace Hanadarko montage, and then I left the room to get my phone from my mom downstairs. And without hesitation, my excuse of a grandmother couldn't help but to accuse me of taking $450 from a cup which she'd had in the living room. I mean, give me a fucking break!

My whole thing is this: If I had any money, of any kind, I'd be out spending it - not spending a second of my time in this crumby house with an ugly troll like her.

Today, I'm a thief. Tomorrow, I'll probably the guy who time-traveled back to the mid-forties and dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Every single day, it's the same kind of accusatory shit hurled towards me.

But in all honesty: Words cannot describe how much I hate that insufferable bitch....

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