Monday, April 22, 2013

Question Tag.

Three words to describe your ex!

- Cute, Stubborn, Talented

Who is your celebrity crush, how come?

- Gretchen Egolf. Cause she's a goody-two-shoes and I want to corrupt

What hand do you write with?

- Right hand.

Which one of your friends would you punch in the face if you could, how come?

- Tyrone. Cause my only competition with a fanbase of his own.

What's the corniest pick up line ever?

- "Is your dad a terrorist cause you're the bomb."

What's the meanest thing you ever did?

- Intentionally gave a tourist couple the wrong directions.

What's something you once saw that you shouldn't have?

- A waiter sneasing into one of his table's drinks in the kitchen area.

Have you prank called in the past?

- An old lady who lived in my old building.

What was your lowest moment?

- When I got drunk and stranded the day before Thanksgiving in 2007.

What was your best moment?

- I gave a homeless couple fifty dollars once.

Name the closest you ever came to death.

- Besides birth issues, I once hit a pothole while riding my bike and I flew over the handlebars and it crashed on top of me while I was laid out on the street unable to breathe for about five minutes.

What animal are you afraid of the most?

- Any type of rodent.

Where were you when you first heard about 9/11?

- In school.

How would you change your life if you could?

- I'd give myself my dream job.

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