Wednesday, May 8, 2013

American Hex.

Even in this day and age, us people of color are routinely disrespected. Condescended to, ignored, profiled. And to make it so bad, anytime we speak - or even look like we're about our issues or the injustices that negatively effect our lives on a daily basis - we're vilified, ostracized, marginalized, and told to shut up. All for calling out the obvious and objective.

And it doesn't help when you have brainwashed, white-washed, infiltrators in your own ranks ready to stab you in the back or slit your throat on a moment's notice just to appease the people who's acceptance they desire so much that they'll throw you under the bus for thirty pieces of silver or less. Now, add all that up and multiply it on to the generic human experience shared across all ethnicities and you've got the stressful lives of a non-blinded minority in America.

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