Tuesday, May 7, 2013


"All these years, all this time, we have been messing with your mind. You thought us noble, rad, and true: You just don't have a fucking clue. All the humor, pun, and wit? A heaping, steaming, pile of shit. With a smile and a wink, we make believe our poop don't stink. Rip the system, "revolution," - adding fuel to your confusion. Gobble up the crap we feed you cause we don't really love and need you. We just want your cold, hard, cash; Get our hands into your stash. Now, shut up, listen, and behold: Finally the truth be told.
You never had us figured out. Lent stature, relevance, and clout. Even called us pioneers when really we were privateers. You reveled in our plagiarism, joined into the organism; Your pompousness and indecorum spewed on every online forum. How you dribbled, how you drooled: Priceless how we had you fooled. We hi-jacked your bedazzled soul for ransom to be paid in gold."

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