Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jim Carrey.

Cut the shit, Jim Carrey. You began filming "Kick-Ass 2" right on the heels of the Aurora Massacre and that wasn't enough to make you rethink your role in the film? Now, I don't like the "Kick-Ass" franchise either but don't use "Sandy Hook" as a way of getting out of promotion for a film which you clearly did for a quick paycheck. If you're really the gun-control advocate you claim to be, you'll give up all profits - whether received on the back-end or on scale - to a gun rights advocacy group or the surviving families of the mass-killing which you claim as the one that changed your mind on the film.

Why not have come out against this film immediately after "Sandy Hook"? Sounds like personal issues with the studio, if anything else, to me.

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