Saturday, June 15, 2013

Unchained Melancholy.

There's a guy on my job who's the epitomizing reason for why, outside of a few who I grew up with, I don't hang around other comic book fans: The egotistical one-upmanship.

I say I have 11,000+ comics in my collection, he claims to have 30,000; I proclaim my love for the "Man of Steel" film, he claims how sacrilegious it is; I bring up that "Supernatural" is a shoe-in for a tenth season, he claims the veteran series has nothing on "Arrow" (wasn't this the same dude who just criticized "Man of Steel" for not being faithful to any particular incarnation of Superman?).

There's no other fandom in the world who act more like crabs in a barrel than the American comic book fandom, I swear.

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