Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Final Burn.

Tomorrow, something dear to me comes to a close. Tomorrow, I'm sure my heart will be ripped out by the series finale of "Burn Notice".

While I do feel like it's the right time for the show to sing it's swan song, I also cannot deny that it's symbolic of a chapter of my life ending, given the fact that it's grown with me through thick and thin since I was fifteen years old. The characters, the charm, the brilliant writing, and the tone are all things that I'll miss but all things have their season, and "Burn Notice" single-handedly changed the landscape of TV's summer season while it was in bloom.

Few things in our lives touch us emotionally, and for me, this show was one that connected with me at a nostalgic time when I was as young and filled with wonder-lust as the era that this show spearheaded for it's storytelling format.

To Mike, Fi, Sam, Jesse, and Madeline: Long live your collective legacy. And to Matt Nix.... just thank you. Through your work, I've become a better writer and a better person.

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