Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Force Awakens‬.... Sort Of.

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But here's my gripe, same with J.K. Rowling - though I love both the "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter" franchises immensely: Why wait until after your story has already been released to reveal so many vital details and tid-bits about it? The piece of work should be rich and legible enough to speak for itself without any additional commentary.

I feel like writers have gotten used to what I call the "PS3 scheme" somewhere along the way: Having a product that they know will sell incredibly well automatically and therefore publishing a close-to, if not fully, half-baked product that's promised to feel more "complete" and "understandable" with additional patches and downloadables after the fact. Then, again, maybe this is all just me being nitpicky but I really don't feel like I am.

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