Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Visual Album: The Silent Descendents.

Track Listing:

1. Firefury - "Burning Bright (Field on Fire)" by Nine Inch Nails

2. Starshock - "Dangerous Woman" by Ariana Grande

3. Defyer - "Stronger" by Kanye West

4. Tack - "I Would For You" by Nine Inch Nails

5. Deck - "Time to Pretend" by MGMT

6. Grunge - "Come on Over" by Royal Blood

7. Buldger - "Monster" by Imagine Dragons

8. Richard Darkfury - "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan

9. Dr. Christine Lorio - "In My Life" by The Beatles

10. Marie Darkfury - "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele

11. Sgt. X - "Sober" by Tool

12. Det. Irina Ladewig - "Snakedriver" by The Jesus & Mary Chain

13. Valoria - "Magnificent" by U2

14. Cruiser - "Heads Will Roll" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

15. The Mayflowers - "Revolution" by Lord Jamar

16. William - "Pick Up The Bones" by Alice Cooper

17. Darcy - "Defector" by Muse

18. The Gracewatcher - "A Rush of Blood to the Head" by Coldplay

19. Chain - "A History of Bad Men" by The Melvins

20. Monochrome - "Ain't No Grave" by Johnny Cash

21. The Schlatter Sister - "Parasitic Twins" by The Dillinger Escape Plan

22. Hydraulic - "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC

23. Sleek - "Queen of the Night" by Whitney Houston

24. Rev. Russell Dansby & Desert Rose - "Long Hard Road Out of Hell" by Marilyn Manson

25. Gabrielle Dyne - "Vengeance" by Zack Hemsey

26. Josiah Amherst - "Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith

27. Emilia Barron - "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance

28. Margaret Taylor Markum - "Kiss Them For Me" by Siouxsie & The Banshees

29. David A.L. Hewson - "The Fuse" by Bruce Springsteen

30. The Silent Descendents - "Heroes" by David Bowie

*Characters Created by DaiQuan Cain; Art by Rolf Hausen, Steven A. Wilcox, Dimitrius Miller, Jefter Leite, & Maz Adams; Colors by Jesse Heagy

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Monday, January 23, 2017

The 8th Annual DaiQuan Cain Awards.

2015: HERE

Best Musical Artist of 2016:
Twenty One Pilots

 photo awards - best musical artist_zpsuv7hxfbp.jpg

Best Album of 2016:
"Blackstar" by David Bowie

Best Song of 2016:
"Burning Bright (Field on Fire)" by Nine Inch Nails

 photo awards - best songb_zpsbq7j1c9q.jpg
- Listen:

Best Film of 2016:
"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" - Directed by Gareth Edwards

 photo awards - best filmb_zpshac8ght2.jpg

Best Comic Book Film Adaptation of 2016:
"Captain America: Civil War" - Directed by Anthony Russo & Joseph Russo

 photo awards - best comic book film_zpsbnqpn8hg.jpg

Best Animated Film of 2016:
"Zootopia" - Directed by Byron Howard & Rich Moore

 photo awards - best animated filmb_zpsnljaswee.jpg

Best Directing in Film of 2016:
Denzel Washington - "Fences"

 photo awards - best film director_zpslg1coljq.jpg

Best Original Film Screenplay of 2016:
"10 Cloverfield Lane" - Written by Josh Campbell, Matthew Stuecken
& Damien Chazelle

 photo awards - best original screenplay_zpswjaoarjw.jpg

Best Adapted Film Screenplay of 2016:
"Free State of Jones" - Written by Gary Ross, Based on Novels:
'The Free State of Jones: Mississippi's Longest Civil War' by Victoria Bynum
& 'The State of Jones' by Sally Jenkins & John Stauffer

 photo awards - best adapted screenplay 1_zpszpjpq3d3.jpg

Best Documentary of 2016:
"The Evolution of Punk" - Produced by First Row Films

 photo awards - best documentary_zpsqvrmxkai.jpg

Best Trailer of 2016 (Film or Television):
"American Gods" - Released by Starz

Best Original Soundtrack of 2016 (Film or Television):
"Suicide Squad: The Album"
- Distributed by Atlantic & WB Records

 photo awards - best original soundtrack_zps1jtqg2vc.jpg

Best Score of 2016 (Film or Television):
"Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" by Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL
- Distributed by Atlantic & WB Records

 photo awards - best score_zpslb04uvpw.jpg

Best Returning Television Series of 2016:
"Game of Thrones" - Season Six

 photo awards - best returning tv series_zps4rsu4yk3.jpg

Best Freshman Television Series of 2016:

 photo awards - best freshman tv series_zpsy5vmsgcv.jpg

Best Television Mini-Series of 2016:
"American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson"

 photo awards - best tv mini series_zpswf8glow4.jpg

Best Television Episode of 2016:
"Supernatural" - 11x20: 'Don't Call Me Shurley'

 photo awards - best tv episode_zpsgoy2hb3f.jpg

Best Showrunning in Television of 2016:
Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy - "Westworld: Season One"

 photo awards - best showrunningc_zpsfsssxws3.jpg

Best Directing in Television of 2016:
Miguel Sapochnik: "Game of Thrones" - 6x10, 'The Winds of Winter'

 photo awards - best directing in television_zpswexaz4by.jpg

Best Writing in Television of 2016:
Richard Price & Steven Zaillian: "The Night Of" - 1x08, 'The Call of the Wild'

 photo the night of_zpsx4k2iq2i.jpg

Best Timeslot Pairing on Television of 2016:
"Divorce" & "Insecure": 10pm - 11pm on HBO

 photo awards - best timeslotb_zps3shqatec.jpg

Best Male Character of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Frank Castle (The Punisher), Portrayed by Jon Bernthal
- "Marvel's Daredevil: Season Two"

 photo awards - best male character3_zpsvzfgwd8b.jpg

Best Female Character of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Joyce Byers, Portrayed by Winona Ryder - "Stranger Things"

 photo awards - best female character_zpsqkmo2nuk.jpg

Best LGBT Character of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Sophia Burset, Portrayed by Laverne Cox
- "Orange is the New Black: Season Four"

 photo awards - best lgbt characterb_zpsdc08vdl2.jpg

Best Supporting Character of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Portrayed by Gal Gadot
- "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice"

 photo awards - best supporting character_zpsmvrmyxfd.jpg

Best Breakout Character of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider II), Portrayed by Gabriel Luna
- "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: Season Four"

 photo awards - best recurring character2_zpsfkhm64lk.jpg

Best Villain of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Negan, Portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan
- "The Walking Dead: Seasons Six & Seven"

 photo awards - best villain_zpsgr95gys4.gif

Best Cast of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
"Timeless" - Starring: Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett & Matt Lanter

 photo awards - best cast_zpst73iegma.jpg

Best Cameo Appearance of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Weapon X - "X-Men: Apocalypse"

 photo awards - best cameo_zps6f6hklkf.jpeg

Best Character Death of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
The Death of Charles Vane - "Black Sails": 3x09, 'XXVII'

 photo awards - best deathb_zps3eig1795.jpg

Best Dynamic of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Det. Martin Riggs & Det. Roger Murtaugh;
Portrayed by Clayne Crawford & Damon Wayans 
- "Lethal Weapon"

 photo awards - best dynamic_zpst14icyys.jpg

Best Feud of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Bobby Axelrod & Chuck Rhoades - "Billions"

 photo awards - best feud_zpshp9cgopp.jpg

Best Romance of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Agent Peggy Carter & Chief Daniel Sousa - "Marvel's Agent Carter: Season Two"

 photo awards - best romance1_zps86adwmel.jpg

Best Franchise Revival of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
"X-Files: Season Ten" - Released by Fox Television

 photo awards - best franchise revival_zpsgp7ek5cx.jpg

Best Storyline of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
"Designated Survivor" - The Mass-Murdering of Congress at the State of the Union

 photo awards - best storyline_zpsvkkewxpj.jpg

Best Shocker/Revelation of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
"Westworld" - William is the Man in Black, 34-Years Younger

 photo awards - best shockerc2_zpsqvwieend.jpg

Best Retcon of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Luke Cage & Diamondback Are Brothers - "Marvel's Luke Cage"

 photo awards - best retconb_zpsej4qci6e.jpg

Best Fight Scene of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Batman's Rescue of Martha Kent at the Warehouse
- "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice"

 photo awards - best fight scene_zpsr8ztq7qt.gif

Best-Acted Scene of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
Sylvia Haverford's Punishment at the Gypsy Council - "Shut Eye"

 photo awards - best acted scene_zpsqnerui54.jpg

Best Voice Acting of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows" - Featuring:
Pete Ploszek as Leonardo, Alan Ritchson as Raphael, Noel Fisher as Michaelangelo,
Jeremy Howard as Donatello, Tony Shalhoub as Splinter, Brian Tee as Shredder,
Gary Anthony Williams as Bebop, Sheamus as Rocksteady, and Brad Garrett as Krang

 photo awards - best voice acting4_zpsloodmgkn.jpg

Best Dialogue of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
"Nocturnal Animals" - Written by Tom Ford

 photo awards - best dialogue_zpscfogiys5.jpg

Best Cinematography of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
"Legend of Tarzan" - Shot by Henry Braham

 photo awards - best cinematography 1_zps4rtgshkx.jpg

Best Production Design of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
"The Purge: Election Year" - Production Designs by Sharon Lamofsky

 photo awards - best production design 2_zpshz2udxj4.jpg

Best Poster of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
"Star Trek: Beyond" - Designed by Jaimie Trueblood & BLT Communications

 photo awards - best poster_zpswemaczgk.jpg

Best CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) of 2016 (Any Medium or Genre):
"Doctor Strange" - Visual & Special Effects by Industrial Light & Magic

 photo awards - best cgia_zpsvqivcrir.jpg

Best Male Costume of 2016:
Deadpool - Designed by Angus Strathie for "Deadpool"

 photo awards - best male costume 2_zpsa3twt6sv.jpg

Best Female Costume of 2016:
Psylocke - Designed by Louise Mingenbach for "X-Men: Apocalypse"

 photo awards - best female costumeb_zpsqmahrnx4.jpg

Best Make-Up & Prosthetics of 2016:
"Deadpool" - Prosthetic Effects by Lesley Becerra, Andy Clement,
Michael Fields, Christopher Nelson & Geoff Redknap

 photo awards - best makeup and prostheticsb_zpskzi1t5dr.jpg

Best Novel of 2016:
"Underground Airlines" - Written by Ben H. Winters

 photo awards - best novel_zpsp0z4mmqp.jpg

Best Ongoing Comic Book Series of 2016:
"Jessica Jones" by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Gaydos

 photo awards - best ongoing comic book series 1b_zpseqqhulb3.jpg

Best Comic Book Mini-Series of 2016:
"Lake of Fire" by Nathan Fairbairn & Matt Smith

 photo LakeofFire-vol1_cvr_zps6wfxolcd.jpg

Best Comic Book Writer of 2016:
Kwansa Osajyefo - "Black"

 photo awards - best comic book writerc_zpsrmdpb7sj.jpg

Best Comic Book Artist of 2016:
Frank Cho - "Skybourne"

 photo awards - best comic book artist_zpsc9piewhn.jpg

Best Men's Wrestling Match of 2016:
AJ Styles Vs. Roman Reigns - Extreme Rules: 2016

 photo awards - best mens wrestling match_zpsp67bzssd.jpg

Best Women's Wrestling Match of 2016:
Charlotte Flair Vs. Sasha Banks - Hell in a Cell: 2016

 photo awards - best womens wrestling match 1_zps49helieg.jpg

Best Sportsman of 2016:
Michael Phelps -
(For His 23rd Olympic Gold Medal Victory)

 photo awards - sportsmanbb_zpsfmbckida.jpg

Best Sportswoman of 2016:
Serena Williams -
(For Her 7th Wimbledon Victory & 22nd Grand-Slam Title)

 photo awards - sportswoman_zpsoy76aucb.jpg

Best Video Game of 2016:
"Dishonored II" - Developed by Arkane Studios

 photo awards - best video game1_zps5hjxd9hg.jpg

Best Crowd-Sourced Project of 2016:
"Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy"
- Written, Produced & Directed by Tariq Nasheed

 photo awards - best crowdsourced project_zps5r8uwpfg.jpg

Best Home Video Release of 2016:
"Suicide Squad: Extended Cut" - Directed by David Ayer & Distributed by Warner Bros.

 photo awards - best home video release_zpsaxvjolat.jpg

See you again in 2018! :)