Friday, July 30, 2010

The Fun Facts of Snapple: Volume One.

"Believe part of what you see, some of the time; Believe what you hear, none of the time." - George S. Patton

Just for fun, I made it a hobby of mine to write down most of the fun facts that I've found under the caps of the Snapple bottles which I've drank since the spring of 2008. Here they are....

1. 84% of working television actors and actresses don't watch television, especially the shows which they star on.

2. JFK's body went missing after his autopsy in 1963. His coffin contained lumber and stone.

3. In the 1920's, even with the best economy the country has ever had, 73% of U.S. citizens didn't pay their taxes.

4. Albert Einstein didn't learn to tie his shoes until he was twelve.

5. During the Vietnam War, U.S. helicopters dropped over 1,000 tons of "Ace of Spades" playing cards in order to take advantage of Vietnamese superstition.

6. Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. didn't win World War II. Russia defeated the Axis.

7. Pigeons cannot walk without bobbing their heads.

8. Refrigerators cause more ozone damage than landfills do.

9. Only one dinosaur continues to live among us today: Sharks.

10. A French poodle can bite harder than a Pitbull.

11. George Washington never lived or traveled to a place where he would've been able to cut down a cherry tree.

12. Algae grows on all sides of a tree, not just the north side.

13. More people are born during the night than during the day.

14. If you pull six random people off the street, there's an 82% chance that one of them will share one of your parents' birthday.

15. Edgar Allan Poe was left-handed.

16. Approximately 100,000,000,000 people have lived on the planet Earth.

17. Only one percent of the water found on Earth is drinkable.

18. 1939's "Gone with the Wind" still holds the record for most tickets sold.

19. 78% of Americans don't know that Egypt is located in Africa.

20. Marie Antoinette was cannibalized after she was guillotined.

21. As of 2002, more women than men, actually work in steel mills.

22. Tattoo artists were banned from New York City until 1997.

23. With the exception of Mars and Pluto, none of the planets in the Milky Way are solid.

24. Most of Roman Mythology was plagiarized from Greek Mythology.

25. More people are born in August, than in any other month.

26. Studies have shown that more Americans believe in ghosts than they do in evolution.

27. The number one cause of death for beavers are falling trees.

28. More German citizens have work in Germany, than Chinese citizens do in China.

29. On average, you have more of a chance to win the lottery than you do of your plane crashing.

30. Girls do not physically mature faster than boys. The human body grows at the same rate, regardless of gender.

31. On average: More people join the military every year, than those who give blood.

32. Seagulls have an average life expectancy of five years.

33. The holiday in which the most phone calls are made is Father's Day.

34. Studies conducted by Harvard University have shown that, on average, Teens and Young Adults, drive better than those 30 to 55 years old.

35. Since 1999, more people have began families in their forties than those in their twenties.

36. Contrary to popular belief, there are more single dads in America than single moms.

37. Sadly, the "swan songs" that Swans do before they die, is actually crying.

38. In America, more people go to the movies every day, than those who go to work.

39. In 2009, the most popular name for girls was "Isabella".

40. There are more Triplets in the world than there are Twins.

41. It's true! Women out-number the men in the world by nearly double their population.

42. Because of the stretching we do when we first wake up, humans are taller in the morning than they are at night.

43. In 2007, the most viewed prime-time drama in India was CSI: Miami.

44. Only three buried treasure chests were ever found in recorded history; Once in Aruba in 1857, and twice off the eastern coast of Mexico in 1900.

45. In Canada, there's no such thing as Canadian bacon.

46. Nobody knows how the Sundance Kid actually died.

47. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were considered terrorists by the British Empire during the American Revolution.

48. Some scientists theorize that part of our parents' memories are passed down to us at the moment of conception.

49. Superman was unable to fly when he first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938.

50. If your car is ever stuck in the middle of a railroad track, you can minimalize injury by running towards the train.

51. Humans have small tails while in the womb, but it becomes apart of our spine about a month before we're born.

52. Baffling scientists for many years: The Nile River flows south to north.

Part of the reason why I wrote this post was because my grandfather bought two cases of Snapple yesterday. As soon as I find the time, I'll post some new ones up for you guys to read....

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