Friday, August 13, 2010

That Was a Fun Project.

"Victory is sweet, but only when you've known defeat." - Malcolm S. Forbes

The saying above, is very true! Out of boredom and many outside circumstances which kept me from my work on the blog last June, came a really big success for me: The "Saving Grace" mini-series which I just wrapped up yesterday.

After reviewing the whole series once over, last night, I was immediately impressed with what I'd worked so very hard on for twelve days straight. And not to blow my own horn.... but it truly is a good mini-series, by my own standards, and I'm proud of what I accomplished with it.

But now that that particular series is all done with, there's only one place left for me to use the very awesome character of Grace Hanadarko: In the Supernatural crossover series which I've been working on sporadically over the summer.

Stay tuned....

khd3390.jpg picture by U2er

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