Thursday, April 25, 2013


About three or four years ago, one of my best friends and I stopped in at a Manhattan comic book store where I noticed one of the most beautiful pieces of sculpture I'd ever layed my eyes on, as it's prototype was being displayed in all it's glory atop a cabinet full of comic books. I, for one, was never a big collector of statues or busts like many other fiction enthusiasts - although, I always thought they looked great - but for once, I saw one that I absolutely HAD to possess. Unfortunately, I was broke at the time when I first came across it and would remain so for many years to follow until recently when I recieved a short-lived job which provided me with the opportunity to complete an old nagging desire of mine: To buy that glorious piece of work that I'd wanted for so very long.

But, seeing as how only three hundred were made in the entire world and they'd been bought out of stock somewhere within the six months after it's release, I was crap out of luck. I searched far and long and wide through the abyss of the internet to find just one dealer who wasn't sold out of the product, but my voyages routinely came up short! I couldn't even find it on sale for an outrageous price.... until I found myself in a lowly little corner on ebay where six other people had already bidded on it. But, being the arrogant leo who I was born to be, I refused to be outdone! And here we are today: I've won, yet again.

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