Saturday, June 8, 2013

Empathy From the Aged.

Ran into one of my Great-Aunts yesterday on my way to the bus after work. It was really nice to see her and all but the best part of our run-in was when she asked me if I had any kids yet and I told her that I didn't and probably don't ever plan on it either at this point. Her word-for-word reply to me was golden: "Good. Cause the girls your age are just fucked up."

Now, before the whining even starts: This is a sixty-something-year-old woman saying this, not me; I mean, a member of the so-called "modern feminists" very own mothers. Sure, I'm glad that I was able to find some sort of vindication, out of the blue, from our mutual and unprovoked observation, but at the same time I found myself hopelessly despaired over the simple fact of how ridiculous of a situation which myself and my fellow young brethren have found ourselves in.

Like any other past generations of men, guys in my age-range have plenty of females to choose from, sure, but not a wide option of ladies at all, unfortunately - given the bad attitudes, sense of entitlement, laziness, and unrealistic expectations seen in our counterparts on average. Not to mention the fact that even when you do find a girl who's nicer-than-average, they routinely prove themselves to be as bad of a headache, too, many times simply by playing childish games of indecisiveness, or by keeping good guys at arm's length for no good reason, or by passing-over good and responsible dudes for terrible ones with malicious intentions. And then, in the same token, they turn around with complaints about the unideal results that they receive after choosing those same terrible guys to begin with.

After a while, like myself, a person just gives up and calls it an adventure - albeit filled with plenty of losses and wasted time. Perhaps, paradoxically though, my Great-Aunt only has her generation to blame for the mindsets of their daughters and grand-daughters. Just saying.

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