Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lonely Adventures.

I have a habit of ending up in very weird places. It should make for amusement if I ever write an autobiography, I suppose.

Went to work, took a consumer on a trip to see "Epic" on 161st Street right across the street from the Hall Of Justice where I served Jury Duty last year, went downtown to my union after clocking out, bought my advanced ticket for "Man of Steel" tomorrow night, watched "The Purge", and then ended up in some Bollywood flick with an orange monkey that was three hours long. Thought about all the good times I had near Bryant Park and all the nights I've walked the same path home after the great days spent with a great person once upon a time. All in all, a pretty memorable day.

Times change, but the song remains the same. I guess Zeppelin has some use afterall.

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