Monday, January 11, 2016

The 7th Annual DaiQuan Cain Awards.

2014: HERE

Best Musical Artist of 2015:

 photo best artist_zpsylwca0jf.jpg

Best Album of 2015:
"Drones" by MUSE

 photo best album_zpspejtl4qh.jpg

Best Song of 2015:
"Adventure of a Lifetime" by Coldplay

 photo best song_zpsze1o0fyw.jpg

Best Film of 2015:
"Sicario" - Directed by Denis Villeneuve

 photo sicario_ver8_xlg_zpsdzlsv2zg.jpg

Best Comic Book Film Adaptation of 2015:
"Ant-Man" - Directed by Peyton Reed

 photo Best CBM_zps4itqclag.jpg

Best Film Trailer of 2015:
"Suicide Squad" - Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

 photo Best Trailer_zpscvtu6kug.jpg

Best Returning Television Series of 2015:
"Game of Thrones" - Season Five

 photo Best Returning Show_zpsjlkuhj5v.jpg

Best Freshman Television Series of 2015:
"Marvel's Daredevil"

 photo Best New Show 2_zpss3hwhmcg.jpg

Best Television Episode of 2015:
"Continuum" - 4x06: 'Final Hour'

 photo BEST EPISODE_zpswmb0hz36.jpg

Best Televison Cast of 2015:
"The Walking Dead"

 photo Best Cast 2c_zpsuki2wchb.jpg

Best Male Character of 2015 (Any Medium or Genre):
Steve Jobs, Portrayed by Michael Fassbender - "Steve Jobs"

 photo Best Male_zpsmnzhabp8.jpg

Best Female Character of 2015 (Any Medium or Genre):
Ani Bezzerides, Portrayed by Rachel McAdams - "True Detective: The Caspere Conspiracy Saga"

 photo antigone_zpsfuenijhk.jpg

Best Supporting Character of 2015 (Any Medium or Genre):
Dale Jakes, Portrayed by Brandon Jay McLaren - "Graceland"

 photo best supporting_zpsobdctgn9.jpg

Best Villain of 2015 (Any Medium or Genre):
Kilgrave, Portrayed by David Tennant - "Marvel's Jessica Jones"

 photo Best Villain2_zps5jnlfoy3.jpg

Best Dynamic of 2015 (Any Medium or Genre):
Jessica Jones & Luke Cage; Portrayed by Krysten Ritter & Mike Colter
- "Marvel's Jessica Jones"

 photo Best Character Dynamic_zpsxioul6y0.jpg

Best Fight Scene of 2015 (Any Medium or Genre):
The Night's Watch Vs. The White-Walker Army: "Game of Thrones" - 5x08: 'Hardhome'

 photo Best Fight_zps4ca6gpmg.gif

Best Shocker of 2015 (Any Medium or Genre):
The Darkness Is Revealed To Be God's Sister: "Supernatural" - 11x06: 'Our Little World'

 photo BEST SHOCKER_zpsefintkql.jpg

Best Production Design of 2015 (Film or Television):
"Marvel's Agent Carter" - Season One

 photo Best Production Design_zps0sul0mzy.jpg

Best Novel of 2015:
"Between The World & Me" by Ta-Nahisi Coates

 photo best book_zps51nxybkj.jpg

Best Ongoing Comic Book Series of 2015:
"The Wicked & The Divine" by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie

 photo BEST COMIC_zps83myuegq.jpg

Best Comic Book Mini-Series of 2015:
"The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows" by Dan Slott & Adam Kubert

 photo BEST MINI_zpsopjdnheg.jpg

Best Comic Book Writer of 2015:
Jason Aaron - "Southern Bastards"

 photo best comic writer jason_aaron1_zpsefltymiq.jpg

Best Comic Book Artist of 2015:
John Higgins - "Jacked"

 photo best artist john-higgins-21_zps3qb9jfls.jpg

Best Sportsman of 2015:
Stephen Curry -
(For Leading The Golden State Warriors to Ending Their 40-Year NBA Championship Drought)

 photo Best Sportsman_zpsnotcusg3.jpg

Best Sportswoman of 2015:
Holly Holm -
(For Ending Ronda Rousey's Undefeated Streak via KO; Winning Her 1st UFC Championship)

 photo Best Sportswoman 1_zpssonauxd0.jpg

Best Wrestling Match of 2015:
Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar - WrestleMania 31

 photo Best Match4_zpswih8gpw7.jpg

Best Video Game of 2015:
"Star Wars: Battlefront" - Developed by EA Games

 photo BEST GAME3_zpsvzp0dpf4.jpg

Best DVD of 2015:
"Supernatural: Season Ten" -
(For the "Staging The 200th Episode" Special Feature)

 photo BEST DVD_zpsgkfp6hyz.jpg

See you in 2017! :)

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